Psychedelic Therapies

Next-generation psychedelic and cannabinoid medicines

Enveric Biosciences focuses on synthesizing novel, tailored and highly differentiated derivative molecules based on classic psychedelics such as psilocybin, N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), mescaline and MDMA.

The Psybrary™

Enveric’s scientists synthesize newer versions of classic psychedelics using a mixture of chemistry and synthetic biology. Enveric adopted an agnostic approach to synthesis resulting in the creation of a proprietary library, the Psybrary™, which contains a larger and more diverse portfolio of molecular derivatives than what either discipline alone might achieve. To date, the Psybrary includes 15 patent families with over a million potential variations and hundreds of synthesized molecules.

The Psybrary™ includes 15 patent families with over a million potential variations and hundreds synthesized molecules.

Through these machine-learning models, we believe we now have a greater ability to characterize and categorize our ‘Psybrary’ substituents, allowing Enveric to focus on the most promising molecules, accelerate development, and increase our confidence in the psychedelic drug candidates selected for advancement. As we work to bring more psychedelics from discovery to the clinical phase, this is a powerful step in helping us develop the right drug candidates needed to address the global mental health challenges millions suffer from, beginning with cancer-related distress.

Dr. Joseph TuckerCEO of Enveric


Every molecule in the Psybrary™ is screened through PsyAITM, a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Leveraging AI systems reduces the time and cost of commercial development. It streamlines pharmaceutical design by predicting ideal binding structures of molecules, manufacturing capabilities and pharmacological effects to help determine ideal drug candidates, tailored to each indication.

Each of these patentable molecules is further screened to see how changes to its makeup alter its effects and whether the new molecule might be used to synthesize additional new molecules. New compounds of sufficient purity undergo pharmacological screening, including non-clinical (receptors/cell lines), pre-clinical (animal) and ultimately clinical (human) evaluations.

Discovering Next-generation Treatments for the Mind and Body

Our mission is to improve the characteristics of psychedelic- and cannabinoid-derived pharmaceuticals by unlocking their full potential to create treatment solutions for a growing and underserved patient population.