About Enveric Biosciences

Discovering next-generation treatments for the mind and body

Enveric is developing new and improved medicines to treat physical and mental ailments stemming from cancer and other conditions. Our mission is to improve the characteristics of psychedelic- and cannabinoid-derived pharmaceuticals by unlocking their full potential to create treatment solutions for a variety of indications with serious unmet medical needs.

Our Novel Approach

Enveric has created a robust, psychedelics-informed, IP portfolio, called The Psybrary™, along with a host of cannabinoid assets, through its unique discovery and development platform and collaborations with renowned global institutions.

To date, the company has synthesized hundreds of psychedelic molecules of over a million potential proprietary variations. Its artificial intelligence tool, “PsyAI™,” allows Enveric to narrow down the potential compound variations to best target specific mental or physical ailments.

Enveric’s platform enables drug optimization and ensures the most promising and safest therapeutic candidates move through discovery research and development.

Opportunity to Improve Outcomes in At-Risk Patients

Enveric Biosciences is leveraging their discovery engine and intellectual property portfolio to identify and build the next generation of psychedelic and cannabinoid medicines for the mind and body.