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About Enveric Biosciences

Novel Approaches to Treating Mental Health Conditions

Company Overview

Enveric Biosciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of novel neuroplastogen therapeutics for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Our Approach to New Drug Development

Enveric has created a robust Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio of New Chemical Entities (NCEs), known as The Psybrary™, through its unique discovery and development platform and collaborations with leading global institutions.

To date, Enveric has synthesized hundreds of proprietary molecules, and by utilizing its artificial intelligence platform, PsyAI™, Enveric has been able to optimize its discovery efforts and narrow down the potential compound variations in order to select the best neuroplastogen candidate molecules for specific neuropsychiatric disorders.

Enveric is advancing EB-003, expected to offer a first-in-class, new approach for difficult-to-treat mental health disorders, mediated by the promotion of neuroplasticity without also inducing hallucinations in the patient.

Enveric’s EVM201 Series, comprises next generation synthetic prodrugs of the active metabolite, psilocin. Enveric is developing the first product from the EVM201 Series – EB-002– for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.