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Development Programs

Novel small molecules for mental health indications

Enveric has a robust pipeline of development programs targeting unmet needs in anxiety, depression and/or addiction disorders.

Development Programs



 Phase 1

Phase 2

EVM201 Series

Anxiety Disorders

Preclinical - Lead Selection

EVM301 Series




Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Continues to be a Large Unmet Need with Limited Innovative Treatments

  • Anxiety disorders are the second most common central nervous system disorders.
  • Persons living with anxiety disorders experience the ailments and debilitating effects of chronic conditions, affecting their quality of life.

Percent of Adults Ages 18-64 in the General Population Who Meet Diagnostic Criteria for Anxiety Disorders in the Past Year and in Their Lifetime

Limitations of Current Anxiety Pharmacologic Treatments


Key Limitations

  • Limited efficacy with significant number of patients with residual untreated symptoms
  • Safety and tolerability issues, including GI upset, sexual dysfunction, serotonin toxicity, and more
  • Risk of abuse and dependence, particularly with the chronic use of benzodiazepines

1st Generation Psilocybin

Key Limitations

  • Effectiveness not confirmed (currently under investigation)
  • Challenges with patentability
  • Anecdotal evidence in the absence of rigorous investigations
  • Safety and tolerability issues

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Potential Expansion Indications

Novel Treatment Paradigm

  • Optimized treatment regimen for quick, profound and lasting behavioral changes.
  • Monotherapy and/or adjunctive therapy as Single Administration (SA) with Individualized Repeat Dosing (IRD) for a Precision Medicine approach to tailor individual patient needs.
  • Drug administration inside a clinical setting (under minimal supervision of a health care professional) or outside a clinical setting (provided it is deemed safe to do so).

Discovering Next-generation Treatments for Mental Illness

Our mission is to pioneer a paradigm shift and generate new solutions with the potential to have profound effects on patients and their families, and to deliver life-changing medicines for diseases affecting the brain, such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.