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A new approach to solving mental health challenges

Enveric is dedicated to the development of novel small-molecule therapeutics for the treatment of anxiety, depression and addiction disorders.

Our Approach

Enveric researchers have been focused on synthesizing novel small molecule therapeutics that leverage a combination approach of synthetic chemistry and synthetic biology. Enveric has adopted an agnostic approach to synthesis resulting in the creation of a proprietary library, the Psybrary™, which contains a large and diverse portfolio of drug candidates encompassing significant structural diversity and exhibiting therapeutically relevant neuroactive properties. The Psybrary™ includes 15 patent families. To date, several hundred new chemical entities have been synthesized.

EVM201 Series – Enhanced Drug-Like Properties

Enveric’s Psybrary™ has given rise to the EVM201 Series, next generation synthetic psilocybin analogues that are considered prodrugs of the active metabolite—psilocin. Enveric’s has completed screening and characterization of its portfolio of psilocin prodrugs, comprised of nine distinct classes. All molecules were rationally designed to achieve altered metabolic and pharmacokinetic properties with the intention of improving the drug-like properties and pharmacological profile of EVM201 drug candidates compared to the natural compound, psilocybin.

These next-generation compounds aim to improve the patient’s therapeutic response, while minimizing side effects.

Desired Attributes
  • Optimized delivery route (oral, intra-nasal, buccal or intravenous)
  • Wide range of dosing flexibility
  • Faster access to target (brain)
  • Reduction in dose required to achieve therapeutic benefit:
    • Higher brain penetration
    • Quick onset of action
    • Lower side effects (GI, systemic, etc.)

EVM201 Molecules Release Psilocin and Have Unique Profiles in Animal Models

EVM201, at different dose levels and brain exposures, produces a consistent level of 5-HT2AR-mediated Head Twitch Response (HTR) in mice

Data on File; Enveric Biosciences.

Marble Burying: a pharmacodynamic mouse model that measures aspects reflective of anxiety disorders in human

PSIL: Psilocybin
Data on File; Enveric Biosciences.

EVM301 Series – New Chemical Entities

Enveric’s third generation of therapeutics are intended to offer a holistic approach for treating central nervous system disorders. The EVM301 Series is progressing through early discovery and characterization efforts, utilizing proven strategies and tools to accelerate the activities for defining additional promising neuroactive drug candidates.


  • Acute treatment: for the rapid relief of symptoms associated with anxiety and mood disorders and/or addiction
  • Maintenance treatment: for modifying the disease course by alleviating chronic symptoms and/or reducing relapse of anxiety, mood and/or substance abuse disorders

Mechanism of Action

  • Modulation of multiple brain receptors and networks: effect on a subset of serotonin receptors along with synergistic effects on other brain receptor systems
  • Downstream effects on neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine) implicated in generating synergistic therapeutic benefits

Treatment Paradigm

  • Optimized treatment regimen for quick, profound and lasting behavioral changes
  • Monotherapy and/or adjunctive therapy as Single Administration (SA) with Individualized Repeat Dosing (IRD) for a Precision Medicine approach to tailor individual patient needs
  • In-clinic & at-home treatment: drug administration inside a clinical setting (under minimal supervision of a health care professional), or outside a clinical setting (provided it is deemed safe to do so)

New Chemical Entities

  • Small molecule with novel properties targeting specific brain receptors and networks to generate new clinical benefit
  • Safe administration with no acute perceptual distortions: this removes the need for close observation by a health care professional during and after dosing
  • Optimized psychoactive properties with an improved safety profile
  • Rapid onset and lasting therapeutic action

Discovering Next-generation Treatments for Mental Illness

Our mission is to pioneer a paradigm shift and generate new solutions with the potential to have profound effects on patients and their families, and to deliver life-changing medicines for diseases affecting the brain, such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.