CBD Combination Therapies

Next-generation psychedelic and cannabinoid medicines

Enveric Biosciences is developing next-generation oncology palliative care treatments by advancing novel combinations of synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) with other therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer-related conditions with high unmet medical need.

Our Focus

Enveric’s CBD molecules target radiodermatitis, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. Phase 1 clinical trials are scheduled to begin in 2022 to test if CBD lowers the required dose of chemotherapy in GBM patients while maintaining efficacy, resulting in fewer debilitating side effects and a higher quality of life.

Discovering Next-generation Treatments for the Mind and Body

Our mission is to improve the characteristics of psychedelic- and cannabinoid-derived pharmaceuticals by unlocking their full potential to create treatment solutions for a growing and underserved patient population.